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"Notes" - Pearl Press Issue No. 17
molly peters
Jul 24, 2023
Issue No. 17 of "Pearl Press" was released today, this time focused on the theme of "Notes." It includes four of my photographs - please take a moment to check it out here and download the PDF here.

Many photographs I make take the form of visual notes – moments, places, and things that catch my eye and command my attention. Notetaking in this way is an essential part of my practice, so I was excited to curate a selection of images to submit for this issue. Often, these notes are a reference, which can trigger emotions and memories about a place or experience. Sometimes they serve as visual experimentation, which I can revisit or even recreate in the future. Each carries its own message and is capable of standing alone, regardless of whether it’s part of a larger body of work.
Notes | Pearl Press
Pearl Press, Issue No. 17 "Notes;" Tending to be a bit informal, notes act as an aid to memory. Daily occurrences out of a need for general or personal information to be stored, perhaps something that had to be extracted from memory.

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Molly Peters is a Tucson-based photographer working in fine art photography and documentary storytelling.
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