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LAWPA Launch (LA Women's Photography Alliance)
molly peters
Oct 16, 2019
I’m excited to announce that a collective of female photographers I’ve been a part of since the start is launching publicly today on our five year anniversary! Check out to see samples of our work and follow along @lawomenphotogs for updates from our roster of photographers. The Collective is a core group in addition to the larger group of 50+ women who meet monthly and discuss topics from marketing to alternative processes.

Our work spans many genres, and if you’re looking for someone to hire, chances are we’ve got you covered. LAWPA will serve as a platform to help businesses find quality LA photographers regardless of their visual needs.

The Los Angeles Women’s Photography Alliance formed in 2014 and is a group of female photographers in all genres, united in their effort to be the best in their field. Female photographers are continually under represented at the top levels and...

Molly Peters Photography

Molly Peters is a Los Angeles-based photographer working in fine art photography and documentary storytelling.
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