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Image Threads Collective Mentorship
molly peters
Nov 20, 2020
I'm honored to share that I'll be joining the folks over at the Image Threads Collective as a mentor in their free mentorship program. The program is designed to give ongoing support and feedback for photographers working on a project that they aim to produce as a photobook.

Other mentors in the program include Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Brett Davis, Jenia Fridlyand, Nathaniel Grann, Alan Huck, Kevin Kunstadt, Veronica Melendez, Juan Orrantia, Nathan Pearce, Emma Phillips, Felipe Russo, Mike Slack, Sara J. Winston, and others to be announced.

I'm particularly excited about this program because it directly addresses accessibility issues and financial barriers to entry that currently exist for many photographers worldwide. There is no fee to apply or participate. Application information is available on their website.

Image Threads Collective
We specialize in the critique, design and construction of photobooks and exhibitions, partnering w/ students and artists to develop original book-based projects

Molly Peters Photography

Molly Peters is a Los Angeles-based photographer working in fine art photography and documentary storytelling.
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